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Canine Carting




6 weeks

About the Course

Does your dog live to pull? Why not put that naturally pulling instint to good use. Many of the working dog breeds were helpers on the farm, pulling a cart to town with milk or vegeables for sale. Would you like your dog to learn to pull a cart? This class will develop the teamwork needed to work together so your dog can help you with chores or give the kids a ride in a wagon. All dogs can learn to pull a cart but the usual breeds are those medium to large breeds in the Working Group; Saints, Newfoundlands, Swiss Mountain dogs, Huskys and Rottweilers but any dog that loves to pull can be successful in this group. This class will introduce you and your dog to the harness's and equipment needed as well as teach the cues used to direct your dog while pulling. The same cues can be used for Skiijouring, where your dog pulls you on ski's or CaniCross where your dog pulls you while you are running.


Ability to work around other dogs, understanding of the basic obedience cues of Sit, Down and Stay and able to walk on a loose lead. Minimum age 1 year.

Your Instructor

Kelly Hawtrey

Kelly Hawtrey

Kellys' unique ability to connect with her human students allows her to shape the learning process in ways that makes sense to both halves of the partnership: dog and human. The past thirty years she has followed and studied Suzanne Clothiers' training style and has gained her unique outlook on training from Suzanne. Kelly continues her education by participating in workshops, training camps, behavior seminars and webinars. Kelly is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, APDT, an Accredited Dog Trainer with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, IAABC-ADT, a Professional Dog Trainer with the Pet Professional Guild, PPG-PDT, a Certified Fear Free Professional as well as an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator, STAR Puppy instructor, FIT DOG instructor and an APDT CLASS instructor. Kelly raises and shows Saint Bernard's and is proud of her owner handled AKC Champions and Grand Champions.

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