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                                                         About Kelly

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Kelly's path -from then to now

The past thirty years Kelly has followed and studied Suzanne Clothiers' training style and has gained her unique outlook on training from Suzanne.


Kelly continues her education by participating in workshops, training camps, behavior seminars and webinars. Kelly is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, APDT, an Accredited Dog Trainer with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, IAABC-ADT, a Professional Dog Trainer with the Pet Professional Guild, PPG-PDT and is a Certified Fear Free Professional. She is also certified with the American Kennel Club as a Canine Good Citizen, Temperament Test and Trick Dog Evaluator, STAR Puppy Instructor and FIT DOG instructor and Farm Dog and FETCH Judge. 


Kelly raises and shows Saint Bernard's and is proud of her owner handled AKC Champions and Grand Champions. 

AKC CGC and Trick dog Evaluator
Temperament test Evaluator
S.T.A.R .Puppy Instructor
C.L.A.S.S. Instructor
Fit Dog Instructor

Kelly Hawtreys' passion for animals started as a child bringing home the 'dog that followed me home from school' along with an assortment of injured wildlife and baby birds. During High School she worked at the San Diego Humane Society as part of their Vet Tech program, at the San Diego Zoo as a Veterinary Intern and at Sea World in the production department.  These experiences influenced the direction her life took.  


Kelly attended UC Davis as an Animal Science Major, graduating with a BS in Agricultural Education and became a High School Vocational Agriculture Instructor and Future Farmers of America advisor. She has studied animal behavior and the learning process her entire life.

Our Training Philosophy 

Keep it simple.  

Our focus is on what we want our dogs to do rather

than what we don't like about their behavior.  


We do not use shouting, fear or intimidation methods in our training. 

We do not use painful tools such as shock collars, noise aversive, choke chains or leash/collar corrections. 

We believe in asking for what a dog can do, setting them up to make correct choices, rather than focusing on correcting unwanted behaviors.

We strive to set up the learning process to allow the dog to choose to be right.  

Our goal is to teach the dog to look to us for information and permission when unsure of what to do in any situation.  

This philosophy is used to help the dog to learn to connect with their handler creating a mutually respectful relationship. 

Eastern Sierra Dog Sports provides group classes in Mammoth Lakes, Crowley  and Bishop.  We offer private consultations throughout the Eastern Sierra. We love to work with both puppies and adult dogs.  All dogs are welcome from those boisterous adolescents, dogs with reactivity, and the cautious, shy or fearful pup. We have a place for everyone and strive to keep both humans and pups feeling safe and secure. 


Our puppy classes fill quickly, so even before you bring that cute bundle of fluff home reach out to reserve your place in the next class. We want to be sure we have a place for you and your puppy. All our group classes have limited enrollment to provide both a safe environment and time for one-on-one attention. Not all dogs are not suited for group lessons. And some humans schedules or concerns make one on one meetings ideal.  We offer private consultations as alternatives to our group classes. 


No matter what option you choose, group or private, our goal is to provide you with the the skills you need to teach your dog what they need to know.  This way they can become a well behaved family member that is a joy to be with. We will train you to communicate what you want clearly to your pet.  

Let us help you learn to speak dog! 

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